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Success Stories from University of Chester Alumni who Joined The University Lodge of Chester

Over the next four weeks we look back at some of the success stories from Alumni of the University of Chester who joined University Lodge of Chester as student members, each one has their own story to tell, and we start with Alex Campbell who graduated from the University of Chester in 2020.

"I joined University Lodge of Chester in 2017 at the age of 18 and I am still going strong at 25. I cannot express how much Masonry and the University Lodge of Chester in particular has done for me in that time. The one factor I am most thankful of ULoC for was when I moved home for my year in industry and the Lodge Secretary set me up with a new Lodge, which has now gone on to be my current Lodge and I will now be leading in October 2023. Masonry provides you with skills that are essential in everyday life and a network of people who will always be there for you."

This year's CSU Welcome Fair takes place on the Exton Park Campus, Parkgate Road, Chester on Friday 22nd September 2023. Come and talk to the Lodge members on the University Lodge of Chester stand to learn more about Freemasonry.


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