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Success Stories from University of Chester Alumni who Joined The University Lodge of Chester- part 3

In the third of our success stories we hear from Kieran Gleave who is now at Cambridge University. Kieran received a Bursary from the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges (AMULL) to assist in his studies for an MPhil following a successful application by the University Lodge of Chester.

"I joined Freemasonry at the age of 19 in March of 2017, after seeing the stand the Province runs at the University of Chester freshers fair in 2016. I joined just in time to be a part of Cheshire’s 300th anniversary (the tercentenary year), a fantastic time to join!

I first heard of Freemasonry as a young boy, and having a passion for history, became intrigued. As the years passed, and I read more, I began to find it difficult to gain an accurate understanding of Freemasonry and its historic significance; due both to my age and availability of reliable sources. My interest in masonic history endured until I started my undergraduate Archaeology degree at Chester, and when I saw the stand at the freshers fair, I knew that in order to learn more about this fascinating organisation I would have to do so first hand. I’ve not regretted that decision one bit!

Whilst my interest in masonic history prompted me to join, Freemasonry has evolved from a curiosity into to a major part of my life."


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