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AMULL Prize Winner For 2021 Announced

The University of Chester Annual Valedictory Prize giving 2021 took place virtually on Friday 11th June. As part of the ceremony, The University Lodge of Chester was proud to present the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges (AMULL) Prize to Jessica Wynne-Jones, in recognition of her outstanding contribution and commitment to Performing Arts over her three years of study.

When asked about the award Jessica said,

“To be able to accept this award from the University Lodge of Chester after the three best years at the University of Chester is just an honour and privilege. My experience at the University of Chester has been incredible. I have made friends for life, in lectures and peers, I have had opportunities and experiences that I will never forget and best of all, I have had a ball doing it. It came as a massive shock to me, I opened the email and said to myself ‘is this a mistake?’ I could not believe it! One of my favourite memories was when we all put together a show for a local care home in Chester. We asked the residents what they would like to see and do with us, and they wanted to see a tap routine which I was more than happy to provide. It was such a magical experience and one I will never forget!! It has been an absolute whirlwind these past three years, but I would not want it any other way. The number of skills I have now compared to when I started is crazy, I would not even know the difference between two different lights before I started the course at Chester but, now I know how to rig a whole show thanks to the amazing lectures. They help make your dreams a reality.

I have had the experience of a lifetime at the University of Chester, and I would not want it any other way. So, thank you!

Cheshire Freemason and Master of the University Lodge of Chester, Charles Hallett, himself a graduate of the University of Chester said, “AMULL’s Student Prize-Giving Programme is part of its on-going evolution and consistent with its objective of supporting Freemasonry in the wider community and, in particular, in higher education.”


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