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Kieran Wins Bursary to go to Cambridge

Kieran began his studies at the University of Chester in September 2016 on the BA Archaeology (Hons) course. It was in this time that he began his journey in Freemasonry after he made an enquiry with the team stationed on the University Lodge of Chester’s Freshers’ Fair stall. Having made the initial enquiry, he was initiated into the University Lodge of Chester No.4477 in March of 2017; rising to the rank of Master Mason in December of 2018. After this, he took up the role of Junior Deacon, in which he assisted in several multiple-candidate ceremonies.

In July 2019 he graduated from the University of Chester with a First-Class Archaeology Degree and, having decided that he would like to continue his studies, he began looking for potential Postgraduate Courses. Having visited several University open days, he settled on the MPhil Heritage Studies Course at the University of Cambridge. However, due to funding constraints, he was considerably short of the sum required to cover his living costs for the year.

He began to pre-emptively save a considerable portion of each payslip from work (beginning in August 2019 to September 2021), working first at Sainsbury’s in their in-store currency exchange and then as a Commercial Archaeologist with the University of Salford. In October 2019 he applied to the University of Cambridge, and he was offered a place on the course, with Sidney Sussex as his college. Prior to the commencement of his studies in August 2021, he was kindly awarded a generous bursary of £1,000 from the Association of Medical, University and Legal Lodges (AMULL), which has since proven invaluable in helping him to cover the day-to-day cost of living and in purchasing course-related items, such as books.

He is enjoying life at Cambridge so far and he is finding the course remarkably interesting and rewarding. In early 2022 he applied for a PhD in Archaeology here at Cambridge, to which he has been made an offer to continue studying there, commencing in October 2022.

Kieran with student friends Alex and Rowan


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