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Success Stories from University of Chester Alumni who Joined The University Lodge of Chester- part 4

Today -22nd September - is the CSU Welcome Fair for new undergraduates at Chester, and in the final part of our series of success stories we hear from Mitch Long who joined Freemasonry in 2018.

"I spent a few years as a Steward of the Lodge until I felt ready to be more active and have now progressed to be Junior Warden.

In February 2020 I also joined the Royal Arch, but Covid-19 quickly put a stop to that, so I'm still learning the ropes there! As someone who enjoys Freemasonry and who naturally gets involved in helping run organisations, I've taken on a few small roles to help the Province.

I first joined the Provincial Communications Team and helped run social media accounts of the Province, alongside providing general support to the team. The team now has a special interest Lodge which I've joined and am acting as Senior Deacon.

I also help to organise our annual general meeting as secretary to the organising committee and other recruitment focused events amongst some other upcoming roles!

What I've always found is that we are all born and brought up with a moral compass, but Freemasonry has built on that and encourages me to learn and improve myself in ways that I hadn't expected. When I joined, I knew straight away that I was surrounded with friends for life, who I could always depend on. But over time, I've realised that my friends aren't just in my Lodge, but spread around the world, with six million Freemasons that I've yet to meet. What man could ask for more than that?"


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